Howdy folks! I'm Scoryth, The Crimson Renegade! Sorry for not posting in a while, but I've been busy migrating videos from my old channel to my current one. So, if you've been following my channel and noticed a substantial influx of videos and playlists, that's why. I took a vast majority of my old channel's videos and moved them to my current channel. Anyway, I have uploaded a new video now that the migration is complete! Presenting a new Countdown episode! This time I bring you the Top 10 Destiny Strikes! Destiny is, perhaps, my favorite game of all time. Now that its sequel has been released, and Bungie, the game's developer, admitting that there will be no further updates to Destiny, I decided to make a list of my favorite thing to do in the game - strikes! So, here's my choice of the Top 10 Destiny Strikes! Enjoy!

Countdown - Top 10 Destiny Strikes

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The Crimson Renegade