Howdy folks! I'm Scoryth, The Crimson Renegade, bringing you the final pair of videos from my current series - Final Fantasy XV (at least for now). Here, Prompto deals with the realization that he could have easily been one of those MTs he's been fighting all along - and sympathizes with them. Later, he rejoins Aranea and together they take on a massive Magitek ape and an even larger Magitek arm..worm...or whatever that thing is.

Episode 3 - Episode Prompto - PIECING PROMPTO TOGETHER

Episode 4 - Episode Prompto - MAGITEK APE & MAGITEK WORM

That wraps up Episode Prompto and Final Fantasy XV for now. There is more DLC on the way for FFXV, including Episode Ignis which follows...IGNIS (obviously) that's scheduled for December 2017. When it comes out, I intend to play it and upload it, adding it to the FFXV playlist.

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The Crimson Renegade