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    This section is generally for people to YouTube up practically anything they want. Showing off your YouTube Channel , walk-throughs , game footage , news / funny clips , random junk , or whatever the f's on your mind. ( porn or anything illegal though) The only 2 requirements are #1 , that you make sure to embed your video in each that we only have to click on the Play button to view it....and no outside links to click.

    And #2 , That you create Tag keywords along with your new thread. Tag keywords could be added near the middle of the page while your creating the thread. This will also increase your hits over time from Google searches. Make sure to separate keywords or keyword phrases with a comma.

    Tag keyword examples...For instance, If your thread has the title "black ops zombie highrise map" ... You'd want to add similar keywords or keyword phrases as Tags to help increase the chance more people will find your thread not only from our Search....but also from Google. Your helping to rank your threads higher in Google just by adding relevant Tags. So for the above example, you'd use tags such as "black ops highrise map, black ops zombie highrise , black ops , zombie highrise map" . If you just separate each word with a comma, it's not as effective....The system knows if your targeting a phrase , or just 1 keyword ...depending where you use the commas. It's more effective to list more than 1 word as a tag and then use the comma. So that their keyword phrases.

    Embedding your YouTube videos here not only increases your chances that it'll be found in Google and clicked on more. (depending on how well you use the Tags , and keywords in your initial post) But it also creates a free automatic LinkBack to your video. If you know anything about search engine optimization, the more links you have linking to your video or channel....the higher it'll rank in Google for the keywords specified in your Title / Tags.

    When posting in this section just to advertise your product or site, make sure to proceed with at-least some intellect. Repeatedly posting the same crap, or bumping the thread may get it deleted and yourself banned. Just don't be an idiot, and you'll be alright. The more you participate in the site in general (posting in other topics / sections) , the more respect you'll get.
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    Thanks a lot man for making this! I will post all my videos here from now on :)

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