The essentials of this article/deal:

"Next week, from Sept. 7-13, Microsoft will offer a free game with the purchase of any new Xbox One console. It's an impressive no-strings-attached deal. .. Microsoft will let you choose any Xbox One game, from Tuesday's big new release, Destiny, to hot-selling Madden 15 to an older game, such as Battlefield 4 or Need for Speed Rivals. The lone limitation of the deal is that it's available at only certain retailers, a list headlined by GameStop, Walmart, Target and Best Buy, among others. The deal is good on Xbox One bundles, too, so you could easily pick up the Madden 15 bundle and an extra game, essentially starting your Xbox One collection with two titles."

Has anyone else seen this deal pop up? I personally have not yet purchased my Xbox One, although I have been tempted quite often to do so. I was more or less waiting for a new version with any and all hardware/software issues ironed out. This may put me over the edge though. Essentially, if you purchase one of the bundles with a free game included (Titanfall, Forza, etc.) and with the added bonus of one additional free game at purchase, you can get the Xbox One console and two games for the price of just the console. Pretty nice way to start the new gaming library if you ask me. Just thought I'd spread the news in case anyone was in the same spot as me. Article below.

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