So I've been playing lots of Mass Effect. I've played through the first Mass Effect and I've played through some of Mass Effect 2 but I have not yet beaten it and I have not yet played any other Mass Effect games. Anyway, Im saying this to avoid spoilers and anybody here who does not want spoilers, if you have not played Mass Effect through and if you haven't played Mass Effect 2 you might not want to read anymore.

Anyway, early on in Mass Effect you learn about this race called the Geth and you fight the Geth throughout much of the game. The Geth were created by the Quartan and in turn the Geth turned on the Quartan and drove them from their homeward. Im thinking the Geth are somewhat like the Terminators, machines created from the future by the humans which turned on the humans and which have been made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The backstory is somewhat similar.