I'm not sure if SSX is a Multi-platform game or not, I assume it would be since its made by EA... But I don't feel like taking the time to check, and screw it. I can't pick up PS3 Players Geotags anyway, so why not just post it here...

I downloaded this game about 3 days ago on XboxLive, it was on sale for 5 bucks (I had been waiting for copies at my local disc replay to get down below 12 bucks) and so when I saw the price of 5 dollars I bought it pretty much instantly.

Not knowing much on what to expect, I had seen their E3 preview (Or whatever Con/Trade Show they did that at) and was excited because Cool Boarders 2 and the SSX series were some of my favorite games of past generations... I would spend hours playing the Cool Boarders 3 Demo on my PS1 Demo disc (Also included MediEvil and Spyro). So without knowing really how the game had been recieved, I just bought it.

And I don't regret it a single bit. The game is awesome. Controls just as well and fun as the old games used to be, but they've added so much to the SSX world. You can still upgrade your rider and they get better the more you play with them, but now there are TONS of boards to purchase, Tons of drops to ride, and TONS of Geotags to pick up (Seriously, they are FLICKING EVERYWHERE).

To start off, the main game mode is the 9 deadly descents, you play as 9 different riders in 9 different mountainous locations, You start with a few of the usual style SSX modes, You have your Races and your Trick contests, But then once you've passed all of these you are introduced to the Deadly Descent, where the idea is simply Survive to the bottom. Each descent has a unique challenge, One is High Altitude, so you have to watch your Oxygen levels or you will start to black out, Another is Ice, where you now have two ice picks that help you carve turns on the hard blue stuff. And then there is the WingSuit. Which is a ton of fun!

Then there is explore mode, with over 100 different drops, and where you can play another new mode "FreeMode" where the Hud disapears and its just you and the mountain.

But on top of everything there are Geotags, which are green globes that are placed in the game either by the game, or by other riders on your friends list. The idea is that you find a geotag, its now yours to keep untill you go into explore mode and place it on a map. When you place it, it will then show up in the same location on your friends mountains, where you gain points and money for however long its left alone. Once a friend picks it up, they can then take the same geotag and place it somewhere else.

Seriously, if you guys liked the old games, I can't recommend this one enough

I love it.