Hello, I'm new here and I didn't see this mentioned. Quakecon is held in Dallas, Tx each year and they just held their 18th annual convention. I've been going since 2005, and it's awesome. It just happened, Aug 1-4, and a lot of cool things were reveled to the public. nVidia had a nice press conference announcing the future in computer graphics, Gigabyte showed off some of their newest products as well as many other companies. The nVidia event was huge, they were handing out GTX Titans and GTX 760 and 770s as well as a handful of Radeon HD 7990s, but they still managed to give a nod that nVidia is better than ATi by introducing their newest software which shows a much more accurate frame rate while playing games, and introduced 4-Way SLI this year by having a PC with a 4-way GTX Titan running Skyrim and other games with frame rates well beyond 60, it looked movie like. Also gave a presentation and attendee demo of the new nVidia Shield.

So, I went, did anyone here go? Quakecon