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    I have an idea for a video game that I am developing for my final year at college. It would help alot if anyone interested would help out by discussing the idea here.

    So the idea is to create a third person action RPG set in an extremely accurate recreation of modern day London, the play would design and evolve their own super hero style character over the course of the game.
    With base combat most like Arkham city and mission and map layout a lot like Grand Theft Auto 4. The game starts with the player becoming a hero during the London riots and continues from that moment. The most important part of the game may be its customization though as the player can evolve to become whatever sort of vigilante they want through costume design, equipment, allies, vehicles and even how they talk and interact with others. It would be an Xbox 360 and PS3 title.

    If you could tell me what you think about the idea, what you like and what you don’t, you’d be a huge help!
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    show this video now
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Vigilante Free Roam Video Game Idea