** Any member can make reviews here. **

This is a new section for our members to write their own game reviews for the game(s) of their choice.

If your are doing more then one review, each review must have their own thread. So the first post in each thread MUST be the review part only. Any member can reply to the reviews if they wish to do so.

Posts deliberately downplaying or flaming a review by a member may be deleted.

Also, very short reviews that are just a paragraph long or under 1000 characters will either be deleted or moved into another section.

Added by LuFeng 5-31-2009 : If you are going to post a review.....DO NOT post a review from another site. If you can't make one up yourself then don't waste your time nor ours by copying and pasting it here. I could care less what IGN or Gamespy has to say about a game because if i wanted to read the reviews they put up i would go to thier site. this review section is for member reviews of games they have played.

Added by Libertine 8-13-2011 : Posting reviews here now automatically grants you the chance for your Review to be promoted as an article....and even appear at the top of our home page. This goes for any member, you don't need to be a higher rank or anything.

The reviews have to be good though. If I missed it, and you think your review is good enough....lemme know.