Howdy folks! I'm Scoryth, The Crimson Renegade, and I'd like to pose a question to those who use facecams for their LP's, or perhaps those who are good at lighting with cameras in general. I've been using a facecam for my content now for nearly a year and the setup I had, while not great, worked for me. However, I've recently changed around my setup and now the the light that once illuminated my gloriously handsome face (okay, I'm kidding) now is blocked and the only light comes from my gaming screen. That's not really good for consistent lighting since sometimes I play horror games, or games with a lot of dark scenery and that, obviously, makes my facecam dark. I'd like to put a light on my face, but I really hate bright lights in my face when I'm playing games. Does anyone have any tips on the kinds of lighting devices I could use? Perhaps a suggestion on a good amount of bulb wattage so it's bright enough to see me but not bright enough it bothers me while I'm playing. I know popular YouTubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have good lighting. While I'm sure they probably have a professional setup, I still would like some insight into how they light up so well. Any tips would be great. I'm not trying to promote my channel here, even though it may sound like it, if you want to see how my camera setup works, you can watch nearly any of my videos from my channel if that helps. Thanks for any advice you can give!

The Crimson Renegade