Need Help
My old laptop has been having a stuttering problem with games for a couple of years now. Itíll stutter for around five seconds, run smooth for around ten seconds, stutter again for five, run smooth for ten. Itíll keep doing that until I stop playing and close the game. It doesnít start doing the stutter the second I start the game, itíll start maybe around five minutes into the game and not quit its pattern. It doesnít matter what game, how old it is, it does this to all.

It also does this while watching online videos. I canít watch anything on, for example, Hulu, or Gametrailers, without it doing the same stutter pattern.

I didnít always have this annoyance. It started little over a year after I bought my laptop. During all this time, while putting up with the problem, Iíve done several clean installs. Iíve tried to solve this myself, but never could find anyone with the same exact problem.

Iíve uploaded several videos that show the stutter problem:
MrTatakichi's Channel - YouTube

Also, here's my hardware & processes:

Any help will definitely be appreciated, thank you.