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    Welcome to the new Tech Talk forum, everyone!

    Same rules apply as everywhere else, nothing particularly special here...

    This section is to be used for technical conversation, computer help, etc.


    This forum is provided as entertainment. Most of the information provided will be posted by members based on their own opinions and personal experiences. Due to the possibility of damage to your system and / or loss of data from following bad advice or improperly following good advice video-game-forums.com nor any member of its staff will be held responsible or liable for any system damage or loss of data from any information contained here in. All information in this section is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, or of the results obtained and should be used at your own risk.
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    Hey, I had the idea for this. Thanks for putting it up DK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superstar View Post
    Hey, I had the idea for this. Thanks for putting it up DK.

    You want a cookie? Libertine brought it up in Mod section a while ago, even if it was you, I don't think this post was necessary, as a matter of fact, there's no need to discuss this, it'll be locked.

    I want a cookie too! I brought it up too in the mod section... -Swiss
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