Hello guys!

This has been killing me for years now, I've been trying to find an arcade game I use to play at my local 7-Eleven as a kid. (Around 1990's - 1995 would be a good estimate.)
I'll do my best to describe it...
(Keep in mind, this isn't a popular game or well known - I've been searching for a while now and nothing has come up. Hoping someone out there could spot it!)

From what I remember,
It was a fighting / wrestling game - the characters were creatures / monsters. (Werewolves, gargoyles, maybe dragons as well.)
The fighting stage was a small circle dungeon pit.
Someone would do a move were they would grab the opponent and take them high up and slam them down.

You could also do 2 vs 2 battles (I.e. Two Werewolves vs two dragons.)

Some of the details I mentioned might be a bit off, since it has been sooo long.
If anyone would name this game, I would make you cookies!!
It was a childhood game my brother and I have been looking for years!!

Thanks a bunch guys!!