I could not understand why some of the biggest video game companies cancelled one of the biggest franchise in their list. Surely they've made tons of money from them. These are some games that deserves to live again.

1) Super Metroid (Put it back please!)

2) Megaman / Rockman (Put it back please!)

3) Final Fantasy VI or III in US Version (Reboot)

4) Final Fantasy VII (Reboot)

5) Chrono Trigger (Reboot)

Those are just my list. I'm thankful i'm still able to play them through an emulator as part of project's research (you'll soon see it here). Thus I understand why some game developers such as Keiji Inafune made an independent move on Megaman. Metroid has its attempt but it was shut down for some reason. What games do you think deserves to be played again? Share your thoughts and make this post interesting :)