At some point in the last two or three years I came across which had DRM free games for sale. And they seemed like a great deal with a lot of the old favorites available and ready to download at an attractive price.

And they had a very attractive money back guarantee. As a matter of fact as of the date of this writing May 22nd, 2015, I find this on their home page. Click the Money-back guarantee link and you will see:

"Whenever you buy something and it doesn't work, you should feel safe knowing that you can take it back.

We don't understand why games or movies should be any different, so if your purchase doesn't work and we can't help you fix it, you get your money back.

Our Money Back Guarantee covers you for 30 days."

All very straight forward and above board. And indeed I had purchased 2 or 3 games in the past that would not work right on my system because they were too old and something about the graphics card or driver or who knew what was wrong so I put in for a refund with and after some troubleshooting they refunded my money. No muss no fuss as they say.

That is until just the other day I had been reading about the release of Witcher 3 which I was keen to play. I looked around on the website, the page devoted to the game and could find no pre-requisites (graphic card memory etc...) in order to play the game but since I had such good experiences with gog in the past I thought I would go ahead and give it a try and indeed I thought it pretty unlikely that I couldn't play the game because of hardware.

Well I downloaded and installed it, but when I tried to play it it would load in memory attempt to run and then die. So I put in a ticket with's support which had in the past been pretty good about response.

I got the typical first response about all the generic things to try that gets sent out to everyone on the first pass. This didn't really bother me much as it is pretty typical. Basically they were giving me instructions on how to *download* the game, which I had no trouble doing. My problem was the game would not run. So obviously no one had actually read my ticket.

However, it did bother me that the incident had already been closed with their support queue. There was no question of finding out whether I had got the game to work or not. I had to respond to the email with the almost exact information pointing out (again) that I had no trouble downloading but could not *run* the game.

Well I got exactly the same canned message again (?!?). Both times I had sent along a system info file with all the hardware etc... specs of my PC.

But after trying twice I decided to look a little myself. It turns out that there was a link in the generic email they had sent to me detailing the game requirements (which I could not find before) and I discovered that the game *required* a video card with 6 gig of memory. Mine only has 2 gig, so obviously that was not going to work.

So I sent a message to the support (again) telling them what I had found and asking for a refund.

Imagine my surprise when the support guy who had actually read my message this time sent back a response telling me they did not refund for systems that didn't meet the minimum requirements but that he could give me store credit, which by the way was only good for a year....

Well, I had no intention of getting store credit on a $50 dollar plus game. I wanted a refund, so I again requested a refund which he again responded with the same offer of store credit along with a link to the web site detailing this unknown provision (at least to me) of the "Whenever you buy something and it doesn't work, you should feel safe knowing that you can take it back." policy.

So perhaps I should have taken the credit. But by this time I was adamant that I was not going to do any such thing.

I told him in no uncertain terms that unless he refunded my money, I would never do business with him again. Which I have now determined not to do.

So what you ask? Why am I bothering you with all this sad story?

Just this.

I promised that I would tell as many people how they treated me as I possibly could so that if someone was thinking of doing business with them at least they would do so fully informed.

I gave him my solemn word that I would tell as many people as I could and I am doing that.

So whether your bored with all this or you are interested or whatever, if you got this far at least now you know.