Pokemon RPG on Wii?

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    The pokemon games have been around since the 90's and Pokemon Red and Blue are still the best selling RPG's of all time.

    But, I, and many other people, have wanted to see a full 3D version of the entire RPG experience for years.

    What are the odds of them coming out with a full 3d pokemon RPG in the next few years?

    The game would not have to be a full remake, just a original stand alone game.

    They could have more than 1 of the different territories and regions that have been introduced in the series.
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    You might end up seeing a Pokemon RPG on a Nintendo console in the future... I just highly doubt that it will be the Wii. Perhaps the Wii U, but not the (now outdated) Wii.

    JASON X!
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Pokemon RPG on Wii?