Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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    anyone else looking forward to this release on the 20th? this is on my top of to play lists, especially now after hearing the review from ign which claimed it to be the zelda game ever (perfect 10/10). i probably won't be playing this until christmas, but it will finally be an excuse to bring my wii down to my apartment from my parents house.
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    To be honest i have the game myself and i would like to report that it is extreemly worth the money its costing, in which ill rate in terms

    Gameplay: 9.3, i love the individual feel for the diffrent items, the sword barely ever will get buggy, however the bird flight if you love going high in the sky is more buggy then phyche-fun.
    Art direction: 10, they spared no expense for this fantastic game, the cell shading makes it feel so alive especially on skyloft.

    Storyline: 10, this fantastic story involves more twists then a pretzel, which will leave you on the edge of your seat, involving explabnations about the origins of the master sword and the tunic ancd such, they left no loose ends

    Soundtrack: 10, this amazing sound track feels so alive and sureal, leaving your ears numb with pleasure.

    Fights/Ai: 10, oh my goodness these fights are unspeakebly intuitive leaving you to guess what you opponent is going to do next, it makes you utilize your dodging skills your blade your shield even and especially your wits, if you go swinging blindly be prepared to have your butt knocked to the floor as they can block you and attack just as fast,

    Boss fights: 10, these boss fights are no joke, as theyu test your swordmenship with the ability oof your items, be sure to keep that etra fairy and rejuvination potion in your item bag ;p

    in all this game gets a 9.9/10 its A fantastic game that is more worth then what you are paying ^^
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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword