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    I am new to video game forums. I've been playing games since I was around five years old. Within the past year or so I have found it difficult to stick to a game for more than an hour or so, which is very unfortunate. I enjoy playing an collecting video games along with consoles. I spend a good chunk of money on video games whether they are new or old. The problem I am having is that I will put a game in and once it starts I will want to play something else. this will continue for a couple disk changes until I get overwhelmed and just turn everything off completely. I have games that I have bought months or even roughly a year ago and just cant get the urge to play. Such as Mass Effect 1-3, The Last Of Us, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, etc. I just cant seem to really get into them for some reason. I don't have a huge preference on game type's, I just appreciate them all. I am wondering if anyone will have some advise on this forum to give me a spark to sit down and play through a game for more than half an hour, or if anyone is currently going through this/has gone through this stagnate stage. Thank you.
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    I'm like this and have been for a few years. I just had to come to terms with the fact I am now only a casual gamer, something I never even considered to be a thing.

    I've found Fallout 4 to be the only game I can sit and play like I used to but I haven't even played that for over a week.

    I've gone from buying multiple games per month and spending extra on special editions to just buying a few games a year and selling them when I've finished.

    I'm the same with movies, I started watching a film about 4 hours ago and have only actually watched an hour of it because I've been moving between other things.

    The generation we live in now do that because they can. Everone wants to do everything all the time.
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