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    So by now, most are probably waking up...hearing stories on the news about more than 100 celebrities being hacked of nude photos from their iPhone.

    One of the major problems is how Apple deceitfully doesn't notifiy their users that their not just uploading photos to their phone, their uploading to the Cloud as well. (iCloud)

    Most casual users are kind of fuzzy about the iCloud in general. Initially they think "ewww...all I did was just upload photos to my iPhone ". They think iCloud is just part of the phone that uploads photos / videos.

    Wrong, their uploading to servers all around the world as well. (supposedly secure...according to Apple)

    When it asks you to login using your email address and password, it's logging you into a server as well. (iCloud)

    Most probably weren't even hacked either, they were probably just using stupidly silly passwords like 1-2-3-4-5. And somebody used an automated program to crack the simple passwords.

    So yea, another example of why Clouds are not cool. Before Clouds, people would just upload to their phone and everything would STAY only on their phones. But people now like the simplicity of unlimited space, and supposedly uploading with ease. But once again, Apple is partly to blame...since they make it more difficult to do things the old fashion way....in a sense, they want you to upload to their Cloud. Similar to how Facebook wants you to share your world with them and their advertisers .

    Celebrities Hacked - Nude Photos - Kate Upton - Ariana Grande - Victoria Justice - Jennifer Lawrence
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