I muself interviewed two pedestrians regarding their experience on mobile market and Android emulators. let's hear'em out!

David, born in 1980s, 20+ years of gaming experience, developer.

Q: When was your first contact with Android emulators? How was it feel?

David: I knew about Android emulators for a very long period. I am an insider of IT industry, I saw a report many years ago mentioning some students in India developed a software that creates a VM environment on PC to play mobile games. Back then I thought that was a brilliant idea. After all, there are still many people of my kind prefer PC than mobile platform.

Q: You just said that, you are an IT industry insider. So, the way you see it, where does the toughest challenge in making an Android emulator lie?

David: Thatís true, I am a developer, so Iím going to explain technically. The biggest obstacle for all Android emulators lies in their compatibility and stability. Because, look, thereís a gap between Android on mobile platform and Windows on desktop PCs. So adapting to different hardware and software can really be a formidable task. For instance, I use an AMD PC so I can overclock it at my disposal, in the meantime, my PC can be really shakey. So when I run an Android emulator, it could go irresponsive or show me a flawing framerate. Itís a matter of underlying architecture and it takes months, even years or so to test and adapt. Recently Iíve noticed that many Android emulators support AMD hardware, including KOPLAYER, Nox and Droid4X. Iíve tested all of them in person, it seems KOPLAYERís optimization is fairly OK.

Max, born in 1990s, pro gamer, a streamer on YouTube.

Q: Iíve been told that you are a e-sport gamer. So could you please tell me that, how did you get to know Android emulators and surrounding products like that?

Max: Thatís correct, I am a e-sport player of MOBA. Iíve been doing live streaming for League of Legends. Mainly because that, although mobile game e-sports is in its early stage, nevertheless, itís spreading. To be a pro streamer, I must gain initiative. Like, when you see a game is on the trend, you must at least go get your hands on it, play a bit, then you record your gameplays constantly. Same can be applied on mobile games, I must be one step ahead of others, upload a bit of videos. In this process, I stumbled upon Android emulators, which allows me to play mobile games on PC.

Q: So, what does an Android emulator mean to you?

Max: You know, MOBA games requires lotta APM, sometimes itís irritating to play on my phone, I can hardly feel comfortable, speaking of recent trending games like Crisis Action and Ace of Arenas. Plus, for Christís sake, I need to record videos! Although I CAN make it on the phone, but its petty CPU is getting fried, and the outcome? Resolutionís not anyway better than minecraft. So personally, I would stick to Android emulator for my streaming.