Greetings to everyone. We are Articon, a small development team from Valencia, Spain. We are working hard to launch approximately one title each week, which we will introduce you here and we’ll show our experience for development.

Samurai Slayer is a 2D title developed with Unity. Our objective was to start developing easier games at beginning for find our work method and improve in each project. In Samurai Slayer we had two ideas: It will be an infinity runner with eastern Asia theme. As novice, in the middle of the project we improved that our project had too many lacks: the design of the shop, the advertisements in the game, the music, sound effects and optimize the animations. Also we decide later to increase platforms not knowing the needs that each platform demand, as the type of ads accepted in web platforms, facebook, windows, blackberry, etc.

After 2 months of work with troubles, two persons develop the game plus one person who collaborated with some design. We published the dame in Google Play, waiting for the results. Our platforms for monetize are Unity ads and Adbuddiz, which for first days gave us some euros, not much more. Anyway we didn’t want to move it yet, until we have another mobile title.

After some moths trying to find an investor we gave up, because we lost too much time in reunions and too long mobile conversations. With that time we could have launched three games, so we decide to decline extern inversion and focus on make games and improve. Surely if many of you saw Samurai Slayer you will think: Two months for make this game is too much! You’re right, so we have to study better our development times with the profits we can obtain. Samurai Slayer’s expense in development was 5000€ approx. which is little compared with our expenses or our monthly needs today, because we are four members in the team: a programmer, an artist, an animator and a community manager with marketing functions.
With a complete team we decide to finish the game to a definitive version, we remake the animations, we redesign the store for make easier the characters or helmets purchase with real money, we changed some audio, we added a gratitude poster for watching videos and we changed the speed in game because people told us it was too slow at beginning.


It’s our first game, and we have learned too much, but we have much to learn yet, especially in the field of distribution, so if you have tips we will glad to hear them.