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About Demorian Frost
My real name is Demorian Frost as you can see on my profile, I just like DFrost because it sound like a great musician name for me, and it mixes the first letter of my first name, and my last name Frost. I was born in (1998) March 22. I have a crazy passion for music and computers, the reason why is because when I was young I did a lot of multi tasking. One minute I was on the computer and the next minute dancing, back when I was younger. I still go outside every now and then, but soon as I get home I start dancing and stuff, but I don't let my musician, dancing, singing side get in the way of my education. I rap and sing about 5 things: Gospel, Girls, Love, Positivity, Living Your Dream, and just being yourself. I am a great person if any of you get to know me. One day I'm going to be doing lots of things from music to computers, but right now I'm in high school, but don't think that stops me from doing the things I love. I am a very talented person. I know how to: Make instrumentals to sing or rap to(off the computer), record songs(off computer), dance, sing, rap, do virtual disc jockey, can be a good actor, lots of things. I love to just learn lots of things and have lots of talents. Right now I'm trying to make an album, but it's hard with out the equipment, but I'm getting the equipment soon. I want to make Hip Hop, Pop, Techno, Electro, Dance, Rock, Soul; as of matter of fact I made a soul instrumental for me and a soul singers like Trevor Jackson or Chris Brown, R&B, Probably some Blues, and of COURSE Christian\Gospel Music, because I'm a christian. I make some tight instrumentals. In conclusion I want to become famous doing all things I love from COMPUTERS TO MUSIC. And I made this website so people can know about me and my songs, and all my multiple skills.
Sports,Computers,Music,Game Making
Music & Game Designing
Favorite Quotes:
"You have to do the stuff you hate, in-order to do the stuff you love"
Xbox 360:
Me and my brother, share an XBox 360.
I have a regular Wii system


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