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About hoolihoops
some random info about yours truly:
i've been totally lost when i had to return portal 2 back to blockbusters, T___T DAM YOU RENTALS.
don't agree with emo activity - slitting wrists, general moaning, being depressed, negative attitudes etc.
i want to shoot all the people who think the world revolves around themselves/OMG I'M SO AMAZING MWA MWA people.
i believe that true friends are the people who support you through whatever happens and never let you down.
i love the smell of curry but hate the look/taste of it.
a bag fish and chips, sat on the sofa, wrapped in a duvet, watching a film is my idea of a perfect date.
i'm extremely easily impressed by the littlest of things.
i'm what you'd call 'slightly over emotional' and a bit of a 'drama queen'. - but not a complete idiot.
i'm a perfectionist.
i quite literally scream at the screen when i die/loose on video games, especially mario kart -_-'
i have an unhealthy addiction to biscuits, i can name over 20 types here and now.
but i won't. because that's just... odd. o_o
if every time i got called 'loud' or 'weird' i'd get a penny, i'd be a millionaire.
i do tend to laugh at myself, because i think i'm such an idiot.
i don't say i like pokemon because i want to prove how much of a die-hard poke-fan i am, i say it because i actually play the games. have done since i was god knows how young and still will. so STFU all you "poke-fans" who clearly aren't "poke-fans" because you don't even play the games/watch the programme anymore. o_o DIE.

the lesson to life is to not take yourself too seriously, 'cause that'd suck and be boring - btw, yes i am quite clearly jesus.
my mottos: 'to live a life of laughter is a life worth living' and 'it can always get much, much worse'.
:3 yays.
video games, food, michael buble, drawing, reading and the great outdoors (when it's sunny).
frequent 'artist', pah. ^^
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