BAKCORP studio is a young indie studio from France , we develop our first online game available for free in 2016 on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Ultimate Jan Ken Pon is a modernised version of the game "rock, paper, scissors" in which the fighters compete to become the grand Dojo master of "Jan Ken Pon" and try to free the Dojo of a mysterious curse.

Ultimate Jan Ken Pon doesn't only fit into one genre. We find a strategic aspect as well as reflex, dexterity and rhythm, echoing the traditional origins of "JAN KEN PON". The game is characterised by a comic and whacky orientation situated in a world marked by Asian culture and manga.

*Accessible and profound "Easy to learn, Hard to master"
*Regular events (tournaments, collaborative combats)
*Craft system
*Player against player fights
*Turn-based system

We just released our second teaser :

Contact: press@ultimate-jkp.com
Website : Ultimate Jan Ken Pon - Rock Paper Scissors Gone Wilds ! By BAKCORP studio
Dev-blog : Ultimate Jan Ken Pon dev-blog - BakCorp Studio

Cordially , The BakCorp Team.