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New HYPERION power bank 6k mah !!!

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  1. #1 New HYPERION power bank 6k mah !!! 
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    Tell us what you think guys we built a hardcore portable power bank for the hardcore gamer. If its not in your local spot and you want it to be have them call me direct Thomas Wells VP of VLP Technologies (800) 370 6947 VLP Technologies Corp., Home Electronics, Ormond Beach, FL 32176 - index

    The HYPERION power bank

    Take your mobile devices to the edges of the world,
    without a wall nearby...

    6000 mAh Charge Capacity

    IP-65 Certified Rugged Case

    Shockproof, dust-proof and water resistant, the Hyperion is ready to travel with
    you to the most austere locations on earth, and keep your devices charged and
    operational. Take it on the boat, drop it in your backpack, or put it in your tool
    belt...the Hyperion is designed for people that put themselves into rugged
    environments on a daily basis.

    Extreme Compatibility

    The VLP Hyperion carries a conventional USB port as well as a Micro USB port,
    so you can connect virtually any mobile device that has a suitable cable...your
    digital camera, your smart-phone, your tablet, your game system...whatever it is
    that your carry around.

    Simplicity Of Use

    This device couldn't get any easier to use. You plug it in to charge it. 4 LED's on
    the front face show you 100% of charge, broken down in 25% increments. Just
    like a fuel gauge in your vehicle, you know when you're empty, and you know
    when you're full. So easy...a monkey could use it.
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New HYPERION power bank 6k mah !!!