PSVita : a REAL price drop, please

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    Target : Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

    Region : GLOBAL

    Petition Background (Preamble) :

    We are not only there to help us as consumers to more easily acquire this product. We are there too to help the manufacturer to find success more easily.

    The PlayStation Vita, the all-new next-gen portable console, had arrived in the Japanese store shelves for Christmas 2011 and in Western store shelves in February 2012.

    For several months, it produces worrying sales for the firm. When reviewing console sales in Japan between May 28 and June 3, the PSVita has sold only 7,551 copies against the 101,075 copies of its competitor, the 3DS.

    The reason for this failure is due to one thing, in my opinion. This is not the "poorly supplied" lineup, or the features "too much gadget" and not the online "offering few services". In my humble opinion, this is the price that stuck.

    $250 for the Wi-Fi model and $300 for the 3G model. When we see that the Wi-Fi model is the same price as the PlayStation 3 base model, and is sold more expensive than the 3DS who is currently priced at $170, we think automatically that the price of PSVita is exorbitant for a portable console.

    However, the 3DS was also sold for $ 250 at launch. Not only its price prevented him from imposing but the launch lineup was too unattractive for the consumer to have a real interest in acquiring.

    Moreover, for PSVita, you need a memory card to be able to save games and transfer media. No card is included with the basic package, only bundles do this. The card is sold separately and the least expensive card weighs 4 GB and costs $20.

    There is still a recent promotional campaign (only in Europe) where the refund of 50 for the purchase of PSVita be applied between June 1 and July 15. But who would buy a console now for the summer when you can wait for Christmas ? I think the campaign would work better if it was planned for the holiday season.

    Petition :

    I suggest to Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.. to perform for the first time a real price drop of PlayStation Vita, between $170 and $200 for the Wi-Fi model and between $200 and $250 for the 3G model, and that, in the whole world.

    I also suggest if possible to manufacture a memory card of at least 2 GB and include it with the basic package.

    Sign the petition !
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    Make one of those for Socom 2 HD , and you'll prolly have a hundred or so of us signing it.
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PSVita : a REAL price drop, please