Hello there, My name is Zechariah, And I am a game developer in need of a graphics designer for my game to you know make it official and nice and pretty hah. Either way, Here are some pics of the game so you can get the gist of the system, if you get accepted from the application after the photos the things you will gain are pretty damn nice. You'll get half of my proceeds aswell as your name on the game which I must say, is pretty damn worth it, I mean if you wanna just take that and give me the money that's cool too! Haha I kid, But yeah once this game reaches it's beta we will start a community of gamers that are interested in the game and you know, Do the minecraft thing if you want to say that. Started from the bottom now we're here? Yeah so if you think you're good enough give it a try! Thanks alot for checking out my post and hope you have a great evening/morning/afternoon/day.

Starting menu, So far.. More to add, Including story which is the next person to find!

Gameplay right now, No map yet, so used stone texture from minecraft, Also player models are same as enemy models which were found online for free.

All systems work, Game is completely functional as a survival game, Which is going to be a mode in the game! "Survival Mode" Once released this will be a key figure, also upgrades to come!

Shop menu right now... This is why I need you haha I'm horrible!

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Email: zarrcus@gmail.com