Hello and welcome to the Graphics Forum. The following is a set of rules in which every member must follow. Please read the rules and if you have any comments, concerns, or questions, feel free to send a PM to myself or anyone else on the Graphics Staff (GS) and we will be sure to get back to you and, if needed, make any changes that would advance the wellness of the forums.

Most of these rules are the same as the regular forum rules, with added rules to specialize our section.

Site Rules:

1.) Attacking other users will not be tolerated, which includes; "flaming", posting threads designed to antagonize or offend other users, and any other such actions subject to Administrator/Moderator discretion. This includes sending users harassing private messages.
Dont abuse your fellow forum members for something you dislike about there art and keep it civil at all times.

2.) Vulgar and/or offensive material is not permitted:
A. Swearing is not permitted.
This includes avoiding swear filters by way of ASCII and/or X-code.
B. Vulgar language or pictures are not permitted.
This includes any demeaning or offensive posts/pictures and/or reference to or pictures of sexual acts.

3.) Spamming will not be tolerated, which includes; double posting (posting two times in a row in the same topic. Use the EDIT button to add comments to your original post), excessive capital letter use, excessive punctuation use (i.e. !!!!!), posting multiple threads, registering multiple accounts, long strings of letters or numbers, posting threads in the incorrect forum, and/or any post deemed spam due to irrelevance or nuisance in nature. If a post consists of no useful information, YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED.

4.) Post should be written in a legible manner. Unreadable posts due to lack of punctuation, use of l33t sp33k, spelling, or other things mentioned in other rules are considered spam.
Eight word rule: The rule is that no post can be shorter than eight words, but we've already established that there are certain exceptions. For example, if there's a post that can be sufficiently answered with fewer than eight words, why waste the time posting more? This doesn't go for posts like "wow" and "that's so cool!!!".

5.) The forums are not a personal message board. If you wish to talk to a specific user, please send them a private message or e-mail.

6.) Signatures: Signatures shall be no more than 8 lines of written text or the equivalent. No more than 2 pictures shall be put into your signature. Pictures in the signature shall not be wider than the standard forum column width. Violation of this rule may result in the complete deletion of your signature without warning. For Signature designers the sigs must be no more then 150 PX x 500 PX.

7.) Using this site for personal gain, such as posting threads about selling personal belongings or other item's.

8.) No advertising of websites in posts! You can add the website to your profile.

Failure to adhere to the preceding forum rules may result up to and include:
1. Warning
2. Post deletion or edit without notice
3. Thread closure
4. Temporary or complete banishment from VGF.com forums and/or relating properties, with or without prior warning, as seen fit by the GS, Moderators, and Administrators.

Taking Criticism and Flaming:

If another member is bashing, flaming, spamming, etc you or your thread, do not retaliate. Instead, ignore their post, send a PM to a GS or a Mod explaining the situation, and let it go.

Excessive Posting of or in Threads:

If you are very enthusiastic about designing, you probably make designs often. It is understandable that you may want to post a new thread for every sig or banner that you make, but this is in violation of the rules. We're not saying you can't make a new thread if you haven't made an image is a month, but when a thread with a new sig gets posted two hours after one was just put up, this is where we draw the line. If you have made an image recently after you just posted one, edit your post with the new sig. We realize people do not like to do this because other members may not know you edited your post with a new sig, so we have a simple solution for you: PM a GS member and we will edit your thread title with whatever you want. All GS members may not do this, but Bob and I are willing and I'm sure others are, too.

A common practice by many new members to obtain a high post count is to post in many Showin' Off threads. While posting in many threads is not against the rule, posting the same, short message is. It's pretty self explanatory, so no excuses will be sympathized with.

Any other rules regarding a specific section can be found in each respectable forum.

The GS wish everyone a fun and enjoyable time in the Graphics section and we hope you can help us by doing your part to keep it that way.