Hi guys! Very long time on some site I saw an advertisement about a store selling Skype vouchers, where they sell a voucher with a face value of $ 30 (payment in bitcoins). I decided to cheat, or rather try to sell the same voucher for $ 20. I bought a $ 25 voucher for this kind of "SKYPE-82U1-JS8Z-K9DF" and immediately sold it to the same store. How did I do this? I removed all the dashes and got a voucher like "SKYPE82U1JS8ZK9DF", tried to sell it to the same store and wow! It worked! I spent $ 25 and earned $ 40, that is, a net profit of $ 15! And this can be repeated endlessly! I bought vouchers on this site to call my brother in Australia. I did not even suspect that the site has such a bug. I advise you to try it, as long as the owners of the site did not notice this error. This is not advertising! Try it! Here is the site where you sell vouchers - Skype Voucher's Shop