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Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

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    xbox has more people using there mic's IMHO. So for online co-operative play, xbox is my choice. PS3 has blue ray and web browser...For gaming its all about the xbox...

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    I am in love with my xbox 360. I bought a ps3 too, but after a week I sold it. Nothing wrong with the ps3, but I already have a 360.

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    I don't think i posted on this thread but in case i didn't i like my Xbox because my games run a lot smoother and I have a bigger screen to play them on. But I like my ps3 because when i play mw3 i am a lot better then most of the people I have played against and some of my friends on there are a lot of fun to play with. My 360 is a lot easier to do stuff where the ps3 is a little complicated but i wont get into details about that so for my choice i will pick Xbox. I just thought i would list my reasons for choosing it.

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    I actually made this thread because this came up on a lo of different forums I was on where people were in bed with 360. I was looking for a forum with people who like the PS3 like me. Thanks to all those Anti-Fan boys.

    i like them both i like the xbox for the face that it is easy to access things and there is always a game you can play online. and that all my friends have xbox.

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    Xbox is better i would rather pay a small price and not play games that are hacked to hell and back ps3 just lets users destroy games
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Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?